About Us

The advance of information technology and the emergence of the Internet as one of the major media for communication, marketing and conducting business are creating tectonic shifts which affect the way companies compete in our evolving marketplace today. These shifts, combined with changes in consumer preferences, are constantly changing the very fundamentals of business. In today’s global economy, companies will need to rethink their business strategies as well as internal processes in order to remain viable in a highly competitive environment.

iConsultants is a global management consulting firm with consulting offices in Vancouver, New York, Tokyo and London, as well as a network of affiliates located throughout the world. We provide our corporate clients with a wide range of services which include strategic consulting, e-business solutions, integrated marketing services, internet properties management, corporate imaging and brand management.

We also believe that by combining the latest technologies and innovative marketing management, powerful high return marketing and operating strategies can be developed for corporations with the objectives to:

  1. Expand marketing reach
  2. Increase market share
  3. Develop a strategic advantage over competitors

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