iProperties: The Convergence Of Internet And Intellectual Properties

iConsultants_Global_Domain_Names_iProperties_GlobeInternet Properties include not only well developed websites with a proven business model, but also domain names with extensions such as .com, .net, .ca, or .cn.. Just like real estate properties, good domain names are very often in short supply and in great demand.

iProperties are a prolific means in generating capital and are great for making money online.

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Stockimage.asia For Sale


Stockimage.asia is an excellent domain name with high intrinsic value. Ideal for professional studios and stockimage galleries in Asia.

Minimum Offer
$50 000

If you’re interested, make an offer at Pool, or contact us.

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Healthwatch.asia For Sale

Ideal for companies or organizations specializing in health products, healthcare and information.

Minimum Offer
$18 000

If you’re interested, make an offer at Pool or contact us.

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Expand Your Reach With .ASIA Domains


Asia Pacific encompasses the fastest growing economic markets in the world.  Over 60% of the world population and over 1/3 of the world’s internet users reside in the Asia Pacific region which includes China, Australia, India, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong.  Expand your global reach by getting one of our featured premium .ASIA Top Level Domains (TLD).
Each name has been selected because of its brandability.

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Consultants.cn For Sale


The global consulting industry revenues, including management, human resources and information technology consulting, have been estimated at over US$310 billion for 2007.  The projected annual compound growth of the consulting market is about 7%. As a result of the growing globalization of business, China’s tremendous economic growth, and the CEPA agreement between Hong Kong and the Mainland, China now offers the highest growth potential as well as high demands for business consulting in multiple industries.

Consultants.cn is a one-of-a-kind, premium domain name with high intrinsic value.

Appraised Value
$500 000 USD

Asking Price
$500 000 USD

Make an offer now!

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Office.com Bought Up By Microsoft


A check on Internet domain name registrars reveals that Office.com is currently under the control of Microsoft.  While Microsoft has yet to comment on the current matter, there are speculations that the megacompany will use the domain to allow for web access of online applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.

Microsoft’s latest business venture is only testament to the power and exposure afforded by a good and generic domain name.

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Insurance Domain Names For Sale


Insurance premiums around the globe have taken in an excess of $4.1 trillion since 2007. The European and Asian markets alone account for more then half of that. Given the fluctuating nature of Insurance premiums, today’s consumer expects up-to-date information regarding their policies as well as a dependable knowledge base for which to rely on.

The most successful Insurance companies today leverage the power of the Internet, combining the versatility of a website with the mass exposure of a good Internet domain name.

Below are a list of 10 domain names to be sold as a package. They all have high intrinsic value and are extremely relevant to the Insurance industry.


Appraised Value
$ 1 250 000 USD

Asking Price
$500 000 USD

Make an offer now!

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